In the deep recesses of the night, when darkness has closed the eyes of restless and incessant longings, the mind dreams in the codes of a thousand cells. And in this silent moment, the Breath of Creation clothed in its dark Light emerges like Spring from its sleeping winter, into the greening fields of unresisting promise.

This moment then, is the Waiting, everything turned in upon itself—a fecund poise just before awakening into Self; a self of will and purpose, limbs and muscle—an awakening into the evanescent visions of Life.

As the dawn light fills the dark lay of Night, the atmosphere stirs, the effortless caress of its breath becoming movement, and sound awakens in the song of a thousand creatures. And with this light, each and every color touches the myriad of waiting cells, opening them with the first exquisite promise of nutrient and Life. From within the spiraled chambers of the heart, the image of the most sacred of Spirits, Shen, is imprinted again on each living cell.

Then Earth takes its first breath, and from this first day, this day of days, breath becomes part of all breathing—and the color of this breath becomes the redness of blood, the greening of leaf—bone and sinew, tendril and root—the image of the Divine becoming Life.

And every hidden thought, swirling in the nebula of the mind, pregnant with waiting Form, brings tissue, movement, and change to each being, holding the life of this fragile moment upon the soft pressure of its breath.

The mystery of this cycle is hidden in the fruit of life’s processes, first accomplished in the womb of darkness (1.oo AM —3.oo AM), innocent of any outward search for identity and fulfillment. This is the basis of nutrition for the subsequent form creating force, tsung ch’I, working within the matrix of the Liver Channel. The entire nutritive essence ku ch’i, the product of 24 hours of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical digestion, is collected in the great Exit Point of the Liver Channel, Qimen —”the Gate of Hope”. Here it waits to be poured forth into the Lung Channel’s receptacle point Zhongfu—“Central Palace”. Zhongfu is the point of the Lung Channel that maintains our individual life. That which awakened with the first breath taken outside the womb—that breath which first inhaled the Sun System’s heated air—the breath that for the first time combined the heritage of our Ancestors, Hsien-T’ien Ch’i, the exhalation of the Universe, and the lungs breath, Ta Ch’i—and mingling with our breath, becomes the cosmos of functional energies flowing through all the Channels, called Ching Ch’i—Life itself.

And now, this outward projecting being, reaching for energy and identity for its form, seeks the emergence of the new light (3.oo AM—5.oo AM), and through a light intake of breath in that early morning, breathing life into the invisible Entry Point of the Lung Channel, Man begins his manifest life. Again and again.

In Tibetan Medicine this is known as part of the great “Vein of Store Consciousness”—Alaya Vijnana (Skr.)—the vessel within which is stored the most subtle, the most silent movements of the deep Consciousness—which blossoms forth from its murky fertility like the Lotus, to become the shape of our lives.

How interesting that the final act of this Dawn creature is to impregnate the Night. The fruit of its hard earned nourishment destined to vanish into the invisibility of its own dark metabolism, waiting to emerge once again, transformed into the energy and organization necessary to reproduce life, poised in the pre-dawn quiet of theQimen.

It is here however, in the formless shape of pre-dawn, that the creature becomes seduced by its dreams, creating out of the turgid cloudiness of long desired images, the phantasms, thought to be true form, that will come to shape the mind. Shapes of rigid dimension, unchallenged by the reality of change, and however desired, dissolve again into nothing, leaving only confusion and a painful emptiness within the images of the psyche. If we learn from the Breath—learn from its ceaseless pulse—the lesson of receiving and letting go—learning to breath beyond the boundaries of the structures from which our being expresses itself—and equally learning to breath from within these sacred structures, our bodies—then we will understand this event, knowing it as the great transition from Dark to Light which flows between the Spirit of the Liver vessel, Hun —”image bearer”, and the Spirit of the Lung channel Po—”image accomplisher”.

This is a cycle of biological function mirrored in the first moments of conception—the initial movements between the Great Element of Space, Akasha, and the element of Air, Vaju —the motility of all expression. This event predicates and initiates all the subsequent functions of the living organism.

As all of this takes place, in the pre-dawn of first light. The Pineal Gland, the Light of the Body, is touched awake by the energy flowing in the body’s channels. The photosensitive chemical melanin coating the retina, opens the eyes, which connect the Mind with its objects, and at the same time, opens the skin to the sensation of space and time—the awareness of Incarnation. This is the root, the very essence of the Immune System—a sense of Self.

This is a planetary event, where all beings project themselves outwards to build and renew their evolving forms. The mineral glistens with light, radiating from within its crystal chambers—the plant opens its pores and tissues to the world to receive of its bounty—the animal and man move about, searching new territories and ways of sustaining and expressing their lives.

The point around which these form-creating energies revolve in the great circuit of the body is the Bindu, (Skr.) the ‘Point of Origin’, in Tibetan called Tig Li. This is the point at which the heart’s Shen Men—”the Gate of the Heavenly Spirits” touches the deep internal point of the life governing vital energies, Ming Men —”the Gate of Life”, evolved from within the kidneys and connected to our DNA. The Bindu that in itself has neither place nor center, is both the origin and the goal of all energies. This then, the very definition of Man, the Spirit-Embracing Life—ADaM, the human being.

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