Life moves in the simplicity of reality. It has its way with no longings, strategies or authorities. Happening time and time again without purpose or goal, touching itself endlessly; effortlessly; being without reservation, boundaries, or law. Though it contains all boundaries and all laws.

It does not discriminate between this and that; neither rejects nor desires, but wanders as perfect wanderers do, without direction or purpose, a journey without goal that embraces every moment; even as far and distant horizons move to sunlight on a single leaf.

Everything has its place, now, but never again; always, but never again; a scintillating flash that becomes a distant echo, flash upon the fertile sea. An entire universe creating itself in endless images around the warp and weave of this life, this one always life, flowing in a stream of timeless becoming, becoming that which is instantly appropriate, balancing on the ever edge of being, being that which is always becoming in the midst of its endless vision.

We must welcome this particular insecurity, this lack of being able to hold the desires that slip through the finger’s tightest grasp, flit like shadows on the landscape of time.

Health is being pliable, formable in the momentary movement of life that is even now creating its future. It is the nature of waking and sleeping, here in the endless reaches of life living itself; in the myriad forms which arise from its abundance and irresistible movement… withholding nothing.

Each one, from the dust of stars to the one who calls the self ‘I’, reflects this particular nature, a nature which is a sharing, not a ‘having’.
One cannot attain health, or have health; one can only be health.

Health is a unique response to the flowing, ever intimate touch of life upon the surface of our becoming, seeking not itself but allself.

Strategies can never attain the moment; they project themselves into the not-yet which will never come—though when created, speak in the toneless speech of isolation and loss.

We create from theory, that which we call science, and reduce the indeterminable course of movement and moment to a regretful paraphrase, documenting limitations and calling it knowledge; yet even then, the exquisite sense of being is ever present, waiting for our acquiescence and the glory of a mortality whose only reality is life- eternally.

We must never create from theory, which is but a dim reflection, a silent echo of the very meaning we profess to address, bringing fear into a fearless reality, and shadows into the midst of light. Health is an all-pervading wisdom, which is the nature of things locked in the essence of becoming. From this wisdom each cell arises and passes, each event draws its moment, every phenomena becomes our parent history.

Understanding health is seeing the presence of this wisdom in the form of what we call anatomy, in the events we call physiology, and the symptoms we call disease. It is beginning to understand the irresistible movement of relationship and the ways in which all things bring a myriad of impulses to manifestation. It is the image of affirmation flashing within the dark and the indeterminable fields of identity.

Healing is a gentleness that never disturbs, nor invades this infinite space of wisdom. The doctor learns ever anew, this first and only event, which is revealing itself now, now in the task before him. It is being present. Seeing with eyes unclouded by the limitations of theory, seeing what is there to be seen, listening with a heart of participating compassion, touching the other by touching self.

Being present reveals the therapy which wisdom dictates, following the task into the depths of process, following the wisdom of what we call disease.

Healing is the very presence, the very matter of every event, every organism.

Health has no opposite terminology. Disease is not the opposite of health,ignorance is.
We see with concepts rather than wisdom and remain blind to the intimate process of life, reducing it to a dialogue with second hand information, blindly trying to re-create a meaning from the horizon of a limitless infinity.

Every event, every organism, contains completely and unconditionally all the elements that are creating its evolution, both the tensions of embracing life as well as the constant resolutions that define its unique process, its persistent unfolding. The organism itself is teacher, source, and healer—we merely follow the path that is directed, supporting the emergence unfolding before us.

Following the inherent nature of the organism we support its process in keeping with the way in which it moves and changes in order to express itself as Being.

All concepts that assume parameters lying outside the true nature of this wisdom are counter-productive and produce conflicts in the process of healing. Healing is the sovereign domain of the organism itself, we merely follow and support its process as it moves through its areas of discovery and resolution.

All of the words used in current medical language to describe health and the life process are contradictory, presenting severely limited perspectives and goals which are either not in keeping with reality, or take on meanings that we did not intend.

It is first when we understand that we as therapists are not observers, do not stand outside of life manipulating this factor or that factor, but that we are participators, reflecting a health process which embraces us, each and every all, in its ever changing patterns of becoming- when we realize there is no inside and outside, understand that healing is a universal imperative which flows like a whisper through the reaches of creation- then we will glimpse the reality and follow its image into tissue and cell, into the mind of matter.

Life cannot be defined, for it is definition itself.

All events, every organism, every penetration of consciousness, is a precise manifestation, revelation, and expression of the whole. This unspoken word that lies beyond speech, this unheard affirmation that lies beyond silence- this which is infinitely near- is nearer to us then we are to ourselves.

This is the challenge—drawing ever nearer, ever more clearly to that which embraces us. This is the spirituality of medicine, and the science of Life.

In the traditional Classical sciences, the words which were used to define ‘health’ represent insights into the human response to life, rather then statements about the nature of disease. Disease is not an antonym for health but reveals the process of responding to the ever-present affirmations of life, that which effects a true conversion and the evolution of consciousness and action.

The term “health” in English, comes from the Old German root heilidtha, an impulse to fulfillment, a ‘wholing’ to which all things in their nature aspire. It is entering a mystery of inherent clarity, the discovery of reality unburdened by our attempts to define and control. It yields alone to compassion and presence, the presence of its all-embracing intention.

In Sanskrit, the language of Ayurveda, and foundation of the Tibetan medical sutras, the word ‘health’ is Swasthyam. The root swa- is the sound-form that binds the intimacy of person to identity. It proclaims that all life is subject, not object; is personal and immediate, touchingly close, and immanently relevant. It means simply ’own”. The root stha- is the mystery of Creation’s insistent relatedness. It means ‘self abiding, abiding in one’s ‘natural state’. This natural state is the Self, proclaiming its being as a clear and active expression of the universe, the collective field of relationships and history which provide the warp and weave of all that clothes itself with identity, proclaiming all things, all events as Mother.

In Hebrew, we find the word for health is “aruwkah” comprised of the glyphsARVKH, which also means “wholeness”. Each of the Hebrew letter/glyphs reveals a relationship locked in the nebula of creation, bringing forth an expression of life embracing itself and the glory of its image.

Aleph is the glyph of the Divinity denoting the limitless, indefinable, and compassionate presence of God hidden in the heart of every being and every event. It is Divine Will awake in the very matter of Being.

Raysh is the cosmos of form and becoming. Raysh contains the entire universe of being and expression, the breath of all movement weaving its timeless image into the scintillating tapestry of space, time, and transformation.

Vav is life impregnating itself with a passionate fecundity of Joy, the Divine Spirit breathing life into the tissue of mortality. It is incarnation revealing itself as gift, the coming of all promise- irresistibly in love.

Kaph is the receptivity of being, the ground of all that is, all that is becoming. It is the infinite moment of every being embracing the limitless urges of Creation and emerging as identity.

Hay is the glyph of universal life, the eternal archetype alive in every being, every phenomena, the underlying unity of the Divine, the Dance of creation as its moves ever changing across the field of a timeless promise; the dispersing and becoming hidden in the fertile space of Creation.

Together, ARVKH reveals the nature of ‘health’ as a definition of life itself.

Through the sensitive lines and images of the Chinese written language, we glimpse another definition of ‘health’ in the word Kang. Kang means “the fervent Heart”. Its main radical is Shen, the depiction of the heart itself, the Empty Space of Creation in the heart’s chambers, held within the encircling tissues of body and identity. Shen is the motivating spirit of both body and mind, mediating all of life’s experiences, promises, and movements. It is our passionate embrace of time and space and events that form our living. The heart is the place of transformation, all things touching, merging, and becoming in a crucible of relationship from which identity takes its fleeting expressions, moment from moment, ever anew. It is life embracing itself- completely. We are this vessel of change and transformation, gathering all into the crucible of the heart. Shen shows us that the heart with its deep consciousness of Mind, the sweep of our emotions, and the life energies of our bodies is the nature and definition of “health”/”wholness”. To be health, we must turn to the “fervent heart’ and embrace our living. This is our true identity, the image and likeness of an irresistible and Divine impulse to live life- simply and clearly.

Health cannot be evaluated on a basis of the existence of, or lack of symptoms. Health is the vision life has of itself. It is the manner of all things weaving the complex design of existence around the simple thread of their ‘natural state’.

There is a tension in this, and this tension produces dis-ease. Yet this tension is part of health, not its opposite. For behind it lies the movement of change and maturation, growth and insight. And even death itself has no power over life, but must acquiesce to its irresistible vision, affirming the sacred insistence of Creation.

“Hold the physician in honor, for he is essential to you,
and God it was who established his profession. From God the doctor has his wisdom…
His knowledge makes the doctor distinguished…
God makes the earth yield healing herbs
Which the prudent man should not neglect…
He endows Man with knowledge
To glory in His mighty works,
Through which the doctor eases pain
And the druggist prepares his
Thus God’s creative work continues
Without cease
In its efficacy on the surface of the earth.” Sirach 38:1-8

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