The womb of Creation is
It is the Form-less
mysteriously present
in the eternal
It is fertile, but
Empty. Not a negation,
not a nothingness,
but the field within which
all phenomena
and express
their identity.

Its quality is
All phenomena, all identity,
resists space by displacing it.

Resistance is the principle of phenomena;
non-resistance is the principle of space.

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for this space. Its root – Kas, means “that which radiates non-resistance”. It is the first of the five archetypal Elements, the Mahabhutas, Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth which are the constituent parameters of every phenomenon.

Akasha is the invisible servant of all identity, providing the possibility for being and change. It is the supreme container of all energies, the field that allows all movement and unfolding.

All space is Sacred Space, that which holds the fertile impulses of life itself. It is hidden in the nature of all things.

Space is not outside of matter. It does not create a duality of matter/non-matter, but rather is the point in which matter and energy are eternally becoming, revealing themselves as an expression of the Cosmos.

Space is not a state of non-being, but the state of non-resistance and non-interference that allows all processes of being to take place. It is the ‘emptiness’ within which the features of transformation occur.

Empty and Void

In the Hebrew text of Genesis, the Formless is called ToHV, and Void is termed BoHV.

ToHV begins with the glyph TaV, the exaltation of form. It is the cosmic realization of the simple and archetypal structural matrix of all form that resists non-being.

In ToHV, this promise of form does not stand alone, but is hidden in its next glyphHay.

Hay is the archetype of universal Life, the space in which Life can give and receive of Its Self unrestrictedly.
Both ToHV and BoHV end in VaV, the principle of seminal fertility, the impregnation that creates the myriad of phenomena, the infinite occurrences and expressions of Life.

BoHV starts with BaYT, the sphere of Eternal Beginnings, the spacious container of all that is becoming—the first glyph of Creation, BeReSHYT, “In the Beginning…” (Gen. 1:1)

ToHV and BoHV are both the origins of phenomena, but also the truest state of phenomena which allows them an identity unlimited by the transient parameters inherent in form.

This immanence resides in TaV as the exhalation of being, the promise of all that arises within Creation. In BaYT it is endless participation and becoming. In Hay it is Life as an expression of universal relationship, the field of Compassion; and in VaV, it is the force of cosmic fertility assuring the endless providence of Creation.

In Sanskrit, ToHV and BoHV are expressed as Karan-akasha and Kar-Ya-kasha.

Karan means “that which effects, the creative cause.” It is the covenant of form within the limitless expanse of Akasha—the irresistible impulse of becoming, the Mother of all energies.

Kar-Ya-kasha means “the Primordial Wind.” It is the first stirrings of the archetypal energies themselves, flowing from the irresistible motive of Karan-akasha. It speaks of the Word, Logos, clothed as the power of Creation.
In Buddhism it is expressed as the experience of Sunyata – the state of Emptiness—the Space of Presence, the immanence of the Divine.

Akasha the Element of Space, is the very ground of all that takes place. It is the space of all development, growth, transformation, and evolution. It pervades all forms and processes, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In better understanding this Element we can become more aware and sensitive to the silent role it plays in the sacred unfolding of our lives.

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