Identity is the nobility of form.
Identity is hidden in form.
It is not form itself.

Form is an expression of identity. Identity is forever held within the formless fertility of Emptiness, expressing itself ever anew in the creative web of Time. Endlessly.

Structure, form, all phenomena, are transient, endlessly becoming, transforming, changing.

Identity is eternal, for identity is a motive, the image-creating power of the Divine Presence.

Only the limitlessness of Akasha, Space can reflect and hold this Creative Presence, this sacred confirmation of Will.

Yet Space and the irrepressible manifestation of the forms that displace it, are simultaneous.

Identity is not confined to dimensionality. It is a statement of Reality—always beyond, always present. Nothing binds nor confines it, for it is the expression of motive, the Will of Creation.


This is expressed in Sanskrit as Ahamkara—literally the “I,” or “image maker.”

The root aham is the gentle, insistent, and loving expression of desire. The desire to be complete, to be fulfilled.

It is the loved one and the lover gazing upon one another, endlessly. It is the loss of the alluringly yet pragmatic illusion of separateness. It is the revelation of Love. This is the power that forms us—that through which we can say “I”.

Kara means “the maker”; “the doer”.

We are the act of love.

A desire locked in the heart of the Divine—persistent and irresistible. Our very being, our identity, our “I” is an out-flowing of Love’s desire—the Divine as love, the passion of lovers.

Ahamkara precedes the emergence of form. It is form’s identity—that from which form emerges.

There is no escape.

No escape from Love.

In the Hebrew glyphs, ‘I,’ the pronoun of identity, is AHYeH.

AHYeH begins with ALePH, the pulse of Life, the Divine envelopment. In AHYeH, ALePH is hidden in its next glyph Hay, the archetype of universal life. This living-ness is gathered and confirmed in YoD, which is ALePH manifest in time, the resistance to AlePh that makes form possible ——the irresistible Word of Creation.

YoD then re-confirms Hay with limitless life and endless potential.

ALePH ends with PHaY, the primordial substance. Etheric, unstructured potential; the exalted origin of the cosmic Elements, the Mahabhutas.

Here again in the glyphs of the pronoun “I”, AHYeH, we see the images of ToHV (Formless)and BoHV (Void), the spatial womb of Creation as expressed in Genesis—and ALoHYM, Elohim, the Divine Presence, the Creator God.

MAN the ICON of the DIVINE

Man is the Icon of the Divine.

His very breath a sacred impulse, centered within the scintillating
web of Creation.

What he calls the mundane world is
created by the shadows of limited desire fleeting across the
restless landscapes of mind.

Shadows only, they appear on our horizons, and
dissolve in the limitless space of their coming. Man, the Icon
of the Divine, lives in the Divine Milieu, truly being, truly becoming.
What we are, what we become is only this ——an eternal act of Love.

Man’s life is
dominated by his dreams—
his world, by the horizon.
He lives his life poised between
this mysterious meeting
of Heaven and Earth.
He is drawn between them,
a tension of flesh and spirit,
living on this precarious Edge—
He is in awe of the heavens,
and has a reluctant but inspired dependency
on the earth.
His fears lie between,
caught in the pressure of this
sensuous paradox—the fear of loss,
the fear of estrangement.
The earth seems to betray him—willfully changing,
pulling him obstinately
through the unrestrained seasons
of its silent verdancy,
toward a purpose
which he feels he doesn’t ever fully control.
The very thing which he trusts,
the firmness of the soil beneath his feet,
shows itself without permanence—
yielding and demanding at the same time.
In spite of his efforts,
the earth never becomes his alone,
for its nourishing shelter has a price
which he can never pay.
He turns then to the heavens,
his voice seems swallowed up in the
infinite depths of mystery and space—
making him feel exposed, vulnerable,
and uncertain.
Where does he truly belong,
where does he belong on this
sharp edge of horizons?
Discovering Life he discovers
Who he is.

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