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This website is for the book “Healthy Solutions: A Guide to Simple Healing and Healthy Wisdom” and it’s includes sections relating to more advanced studies of Classical medicine.

The section called “Introduction to the Conception of Classical Medicine” contains diverse themes relating to holistic medicine and is relatively easy to understand even if you haven’t had any previous background in alternative therapy. It’s divided up in the following sections: Introductions, For Students and For Practitioners.

Healthy Solutions

David is the author of the book Healthy Solutions, a guide to Simple Healing and Healthy Wisdom.

320 pages
ISBN 159120108X
Basic Health Publications (May 15, 2006)


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David N. Russell — Biography

David Russell has lived in Denmark since 1969 and has worked in the health field since 1974. He holds an M.F.A., Ph.D., and a D.Sc. For the last thirty-five years, David has taught Classical Health disciplines and Spiritual Psychology in Europe, Nepal, and the USA, as well as teaching wholistic health and Ayurveda in schools in Denmark and Norway.