This website was created around our new book Healthy Solutions: A Guide to Simple Healing and Healthy Wisdom, which takes a russell 600pxcomprehensive look into the perspectives and practice of Classical Holistic Medicine. The book is divided into two major sections. The first contains the basic teachings of Classical medicine on life and health, while the second is a user-friendly guide to treating common ailments with simple but effective remedies that you already have at home.

In addition to information about Healthy Solutions, this website includes sections relating to more advanced studies of Classical medicine, as links to other websites and articles of general interest.

The section called “Introduction to the Conception of Classical Medicine” contains diverse themes relating to holistic medicine and is relatively easy to understand even if you haven’t had any previous background in alternative therapy.

The section “For Students” takes a deeper look into various concepts of Classical medicine and is easiest to comprehend if you have some previous background in either Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine.

Finally, the section For Practitioners,” which is more detailed, assumes that you have advanced knowledge of Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine. This menu is mostly for those who practice medicine or are therapists and wish to gain further interdisciplinary insights to enhance their own base of knowledge.

There are no restrictions or conditions placed on using any of the menus so please feel free to look through them all; just take what you can use and leave the rest!HealthySolutionsCover

I thank you, the visitor to this site, for allowing me to present these thoughts. In writing Healthy Solutions, I owe a great debt to Lynn Wiese Sneyd, my co-author, who helped shepherd my thoughts and form them into acceptable English. The above mentioned sections, however, are not edited. If you have the opportunity to read original texts of Classical medicine, you will find that they move from fact to poetry, from observation to vision all in the same sentence structure! Such exuberance, such awe for knowledge, wisdom, and passionate celebration of life may seem strange to us at first, but if we mark the echo in our own hearts, we will rediscover what others have known before us.

Pax et Bonum.

Please note: This website does not solicit clients for health care consultations, nor does it give any medical recommendations or advice on personal health issues.